Sissy Hypnosis and Brainwashing Mp3

Sissification taken to the next step! I totally turn you from Bull to Bitch in this hypnosis mp3. You will be wearing frilly little clothes, prancing in petticoats, swishing your hips and doing your make up like a proper little diva in a matter of NO TIME. Your life as you know it is about to change for the more sassy spice of life. Think you can beat this mental mind conditioning? I bet you CANT loser!


  1. samanthadakota says:

    Goddess Amberly,

    Wow! this recording was just absolutely wonderful!! i was just wondering if You ever got the chance to make a second one? i listen to this all the time and cant thank You enough :)

    sissy samantha

  2. pinnellipee says:

    The next step? Is that down the stairs while being whipped into the perfect sissy?

  3. pinnellipee says:

    another $20 will be mailed today.

  4. pinnellipee says:

    Itried to escape, only to come crawling back

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